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/_uploaded_files/aim-logo-color.jpgAIM Fiber Products, LLC is the manufacturer of Quiet Kit Insulation. AIM insulation has been used in the appliance and automotive industries for over a decade. Previously, this insulation has been available only to appliance and automotive manufacturers. The Quiet Kit Insulation for dishwashers is the first consumer product offered by AIM.

Quiet Kit Insulation is the only product of its kind that can be purchased directly by a consumer to enhance the energy savings and reduce unwanted noise.

Quiet Kit insulation is made from meltblown polypropylene using a proprietary manufacturing process. AIM has been a pioneer in replacing fiberglass and cotton based products in home appliances and transportation applications. The ease of handling and its superior acoustical and thermal qualities make it the perfect product for a wide variety of insulation solutions.

In addition to reducing noise and saving energy, Quiet Kit Insulation is a “green” product. All products are manufactured using recycled content and are themselves fully recyclable . Since it is made from meltblown plastic (polypropylene) it is safe to handle, easy to cut and simple to apply. It is known as the “itch free” insulation.

AIM’s products have changed industries and today, AIM continues that trend of developing innovative solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

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